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Inaugural Shabbat

PURIM with Speed Painter Sarah Rowan

Modern Orthodox Leaders on the Front Line

Everyday Heroes of Israel

with ELli Beer from United Hatzalah

with Sherri Mandell from the Koby Mandell Foundation

Elul & Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur

Tisha b'Av Program

See the video here

Peace is Possible Series

Pre-Shavuot Learning Program

Coping with Corona Series

Yom Hazikkaron

We hosted a Yom Hazikkaron event with Rabbi Binny Freedman



Chol HaMoed Program

During Chol Hamoed we hosted a number of World renowned speakers on a range of topics.

The Youtube clips for all the shiurim can be found here


Dr Pelcovitz' Lecture on Coping with Corona

Notes for the Shiur


Zoom Shiur for all of Sydney

Whose wall is it?The Battle for the Soul if the State of Israel

Can there be Morality without God?

Intermarriage: Embrace or Reject?

lslam from the Inside 29/6/18


On Rebbes and Messiahs 19/4/18


On the Future of Judaism & the Jewish People 22/2/18 

Tue, 5 March 2024 25 Adar I 5784