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Bookkeeper: Leora Schleissner

Executive Body

Howard Sher Hon. President

Yair Miller OAM Hon. Vice President

Gavin Marx Hon. Vice President

Phillip Kaufman Hon. Treasurer

David Selikman Hon. Secretary

Board Members

David Glaser

Sue Selikman

Trevor Pogroske

Jodi Sherman

Jason Winderbaum

Jared Levy

Judy Naar

Alan Bender



Howard has been a member of KM since it started and has held the position of President for the past 9 years. He is a passionate believer in community and has worked on many diverse communal projects for most of his adult life. His real job has been in the toy industry for the past years, still continuing to date. Howard is in his happiest place when he is wearing his Akubra and Blundstones, traversing the great Aussie continent in his 4WD. 


Yair Miller OAM is Vice President and has been on the board for over 15 years. Yair is CEO of UIA Australia and past President of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. He loves the incredible community feeling at KM and the unique way all ages and demographics blend and are able to feel at home.   Yair is married to Sandra, originally from Serbia, and is blessing with 2 children, Ariella and Josh.


Phillip and Eric became members of the community in 2011 after immigrating from Zurich, Switzerland and settled in St Ives. Phillip has been the Treasurer of the Shul since 2016 and enjoys being part of such a loving, inclusive and accepting community.

Their 7-year-old energetic twins, Ilana and Idan, are familiar faces to most in the community and are currently in Year 2 at Masada College.

Phillip was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in Bulawayo, where he attended Carmel Junior School. Most of Phillip and Eric’s spare time is spent outdoors with Ilana and Idan, either on long bush walks or enjoying the sun and surf at the beach.

Phillip is currently studying Daf Yomi (Masechet Berachot been the best so far!) and tries his best to keep on schedule, which is hard at times, with all the family and shul commitments. Only 6 years left of this cycle…you’ve got this Phillip!!


A founding member and past-President of Kehillat Masada, David feels a deep sense of pride at the growth and development of our Kehillah. From humble beginnings in the early 1990s in people’s homes, to the dynamic and robust organisation it is today. David has a love of Judaism and all things Jewish. His belief in the benefits of a Jewish education plus his passion for Israel are the essence of his Judaic-DNA.

Married to his lifelong best friend, Ros, they have three wonderful children and two precious grandchildren. 

David's current focus is the Kehillat Masada bequest initiative. It seeks to identify members who love the community and feel a connection, who care about its stability and future and feel a responsibility to give back. The aim is for Kehillat Masada to be included as a beneficiary in one's will, no matter the amount or how old a person is.

David's plan is to connect with people over the coming months to roll out this initiative and give each member this legacy opportunity.


Gavin Marx has been a member of Kehillat Masada since 1986 and he joined the board in 2018. He has been involved in developing the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program and various other initiatives.

Gavin is a Medical Oncologist. He is the Clinical Director of the San Integrated Cancer Centre and the San Clinical Trials Unit at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

He is passionate about Jewish continuity and loves living on the North Shore with its wonderful community. His many highlights at Kehillat Masada include his wedding, his son's Bar Mitzvah and his son’s Brit Milah on second day Rosh Hashanah shared with the whole community. He is married to Jo and they are so proud of their two children Tali and Josh. When he's not at work you will find him struggling on the golf course.


Dave has been a member at KM for 34 years and joined the Board in 2017 and became Secretary in 2019. When he’s not busy with his day job as a manufacturer & supplier of sports & promotional apparel, he loves being involved with his four grandchildren and being busy with KMCares, the arm of our shul dedicated to helping those in need. Being at the helm of this project is very fulfilling for Dave. He loves how welcoming this community is and how it always steps up in times of need. He is also a loyal Warratahs & Wallaby supporter and a poor but enthusiastic player of golf!


It's because of Sue we are spoiled with such a cracking shul kiddush! A member of KM since 1987, her passion is serving the community and making sure we are all well fed. She's ever grateful to her wonderful band of volunteers - and her husband Dave for being a sounding board for her ideas on how we schmooze at shul, especially in 2021. Although she may talk shul 90% of the time, she does find time for work, bridge, family, exercise and grandkids. 


Jodi is a mum to 3 special girls and has been married to Darren, her partner in crime, for 25 years. They moved to Australia almost 13 years ago from Johannesburg. She's a qualified art director and designer and she's combined this with her love of food to grow her business, Jodi’s Kosher Kitchen.

She has served on the board of Kehillat Masada for 4 years. Jodi really values volunteering and thinks it’s important to set aside some time to give back!


Jason recently joined the board at last year's AGM.

He works in financial services, currently at Credit Suisse where he manages private wealth for high net worth families & charities.

He arrived in Australia from Jo-burg in 1998 and completed 11 & 12 at Masada. After getting married he moved east and to the lower north shore but then returned to St Ives and has been at KM for 7 years.

He’s been married for 14 years to Monique and they have two beautiful and talented daughters, Jada (13) and Talia (9).

He enjoys all sports - Favourite team? Liverpool, Rugby? Bokke, Cricket? Proteas. All other sports - he supports Australia. He also loves playing tennis and bush walking in our local LGA. He loves having a chat to the community. He's a coffee by day / whisky by night person. So if you ever have something you’d like to catch up on… now you know how to entice him.

Jason is looking forward to seeing everyone back at shul, functions and community gatherings with a new powerhouse Rabbi and Rebbetzin!


I want to thank the Board for accepting me as a member. We are possibly one of the original members of KM and have been in St Ives since 1983
having arrived in Sydney from South Africa in 1979 with 3 very young sons.  

My husband David and I owned a Deli in Gordon and that long ago managed to open a kosher section under the direction of Rabbi Rogurt to service the local community.

After some years I re-established my hair styling career and have only recently retired after many years of dedication and passion. This has now freed me up to become more involved in the community 

I am blessed with 3 sons and 8 wonderful grandchildren who provide me with copious amounts of medicine for my soul.

I love to be around people and help whenever and wherever I can. People have been a part of my life and having listened to their stories for so many years I feel I could have a PHD in psychology. My hobbies are cooking, baking and playing bridge.

I am looking forward to working with the board and giving back to this wonderful community of which I have been a part of since inception. 



Kehillat Masada
9-15 Link Road
St Ives
NSW 2075

T: +61 2 9988 4417
M: 0481 361 138



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